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On The Right Mind is a women of color owned small business that provides Graphic Recording and Strategic Illustration to organizations and movements working towards social justice and creating a world where we all thrive. 


We center building collaborative relationships with our clients where we can provide thought partnership, a supportive visual experience and a valuable visual output.


Grounded in values of : creativity, wholeheartedness & generosity and partnership, our goal is that people feel heard and seen through our work. Visualizing their truths and experiences to help reveal the group's collective wisdom in ways that foster imagination, clarity, connection and understanding that can help them move towards meaningful change.

Some of the amazing people and organizations we've worked with:

ACLU                                                       Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Auburn Seminary                                        Madre

Arcus Foundation                                       MamaCash

California Immigrant Policy Center                 Malala Fund

Center for Action and Contemplation             Move to End Violence Program

CIVITAS Public Affairs                                Narrative Initiative

Coalition for Women Prisoners                      Novo Foundation

Department of Health NYC                          Open Society Foundation

Department of Education NYC                      Parenting for Liberation

Donors of Color Network                             PAWHR

Hass Jr. Foundation                                     Perigee Fund

Health Gap                                                Prospera - International Network of Women Funds

Girls for Gender Equity                                Resonance Network

Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action    State Innovation Exchange

Grantmakers for Girls of Color                      United Nations

                                                              Weissberg Foundation

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Hello there! My name is Claudia. 

I’m a Latinx visual facilitator and strategic illustrator. At the core my work is about creating connection and understanding. I do this by witnessing and deeply listening to people. Weaving their ideas, dreams and  process and manifesting them into compelling visuals that support their journeys to advance change. 


It is powerful and vulnerable work to hold,  interpret and visualize people's stories while recognizing that their lived experiences and identities are different from mine. As such I work with humility and care. Acknowledging diversity and difference of race, gender, ability, language and power. I try my best to attend to them in ways that don't perpetuate dominant or oppressive narratives in my representations and partnerships with clients & facilitators; and invite people to talk to me and edit anything that may have been mis-represented. Holding my own blind-spots as opportunities to name and deepen conversations and for learning. 

I was born and raised in Mexico and I currently live in Brooklyn,  NY. I am fluent in English and Spanish and happy to support you in either language. 


I am a mama to two amazing kids and a dreamer, tinkerer, Macgyverer and traveler.


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